If you are interested in hydrographics, please contact us. We have a variety of patterns, competitive pricing and offer a quick turnaround rate. Hydrographic patterns are durable and unique; it makes a great gift or addition to all kinds of equipment. Please see our many patterns as well as or gallery pages. I bet you already own something that has hydrographic print on it. The process is widely used on shoes, toys, automobiles, furniture, and much more.

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Basically, hydrographic printing works and it works well. The process involves taking the two or three dimensional piece to be printed, prepping it, then applying primer and a base coat of quality paint. The next step is then to put the film you choose printed with the graphic image to be used on top of warm water, wait a specific amount of time, then spray a formula called activator directly on the film, after which the film is dissolved and turned into liquid form. Combining this graphic-turned-liquid and activator together also creates a bonding agent, which will allow the print to neatly wrap around the piece that will be printed. Finally, we take the piece and dip it very slowly in through the liquid after waiting for an exact amount of time for the print to permanently attach, then we bring it back out. It is then rinsed with warm water and let dry. The piece is now flawlessly decorated without a single spot missed. The piece is then painted with a quality clear coat giving it luster and long lasting durability.

Hydrographics is a fascinating process to watch. It works so well, it is definitely becoming a very popular printing method.

Hydrographic printing is the ​art of modernization

Hydro-graphic, Hydrographics, also known as Hydro dipping, immersion printing, water transfer printing,water transfer imaging, cubic printing, camo dipping, 3D printing, Hydro dip, Hydro-dip all consist of transferring a pattern to an object using water displacement. Any material that is hard surfaced and non porous such as glass, wood, metals, fiberglass, ceramics and all types of plastics, anything that can be submerged in water  can be printed. It achieves to a full 360°of coverage on the part surface, including into small crevices.

Transforming ordinary to"EXTRAORDINARY"!

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Have you ever looked at something and decided that it just looked too boring, like every other of the same make and model out there in world? Then at some point, you must have thought that you wanted to spruce it up, perhaps change the look a little, give it a flair that is uniquely you, add some personality to it. You might have already checked out all the different painting options available, or even adding accessories. But what if you want something that looks truly different and truly amazing? Can you have that 1 of 1 you’re looking for?  Well now you sure can!

If hydrographic printing sounds like a really new concept, to you that's because it kind of is. It was initially done only in the military, and the technology was used mainly to camouflage weapons and other similar items. Luckily, it is becoming more popular and widely used now, bringing the costs down and allowing everyone to enjoy its many patterns and long lasting durability.

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